Minera Deisi is a state-of-the-art company dedicated to the extraction and processing of natural Stone.

Our quarries, located in the central Andes provide us with the best quality travertine, recognized worldwide because of its high density and beautiful colors. Large dimensional formats cut crosswise and vein wise has brought forth distinction from the most exquisite and distinguished clients worldwide. Our processing plant, counting with the best Italian technology, initiated operations in the year 2006 and quickly positioned us at the pinnacle in quality manufacturing. Today we supply to the most demanding markets in Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe with a great variety of products and the best service.

Corporate Culture


Our team is committed to quality. We work hard to deliver the best possible service and the highest quality standard for travertine products.

We consider honesty is a solid rock where to build long lasting relationships with both our clients and suppliers.

We oblige to continuous improvement as a way to guarantee customers satisfaction today and tomorrow

Social Responsibility


At Minera Deisi we are aware of the disparaging economic situation that Andean indigenous societies go through. For that reason we prioritize job opportunities for the nearby indigenous communities as a way to support their development and wellbeing.

When buying our travertine products you are contributing to improving the welfare of many families of the central Andes.



Minera Deisi extracts travertine from its quarries located at 12,000 feet above sea level, in full compliance with international standards of safety, occupational health and environmental protection.

We make every effort to ensure future generations will enjoy a beautiful, ecological place to live in.